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Ms. Patricia Lockhart, Teacher
NYC Department of Education
Staten Island, NY 

Ms. Linda Cohen, Exclusive Agent 
Allstate Insurance Co.
Staten Island, NY

Mrs. Doreen Warner- Jones, Chaplain
International Worldwide Outreach, Inc.
Bronx, NY

Ms. Yvonne Gardener, Attorney
Attorney at Law
Brooklyn, NY

Ms Brenda Frazer, 1st Vice President
Queens, NY

Mrs. Verdie Gibbs, Director/Founder
Paula Gibbs Foundation For Young
Black women with Cancer
Queens, NY

Ms. Joanne Riley, Executive Director
Crisis Pregnancy Center 
Staten Island, NY

Rev. Kimberly Wright, Pastor
Church of the Resurrection
Manhattan, NY .

Ms. Darlene Borroughs, Director
National Urban League
Manhattan, NY

Ms. Lisa Bowen, Project Owner
A Place of My Own
Staten Island, NY

Ms. Matilda Dyer, 
Assoc. Director of Nursing 
SUNY Down State
Brooklyn, NY

Ms. Gail Adams, Attorney
Attorney at Law
Brooklyn, NY

Ms. Loretta Baxter, Business Owner
Loretta Productions Inc.
Queens, NY

Mrs. Kim Underwood
Mentor Equity Consultant
CEO of Kim E.Underwood.com
Bronx, NY

Ms. Lisa Jasienowski, Honorary Student
Brooklyn College 
Brooklyn , NY

Ms. Liz Black, Radio Broadcaster
WLIB Radio Station 1190 AM
Manhattan, NY

Ms. Esther JohnBaptiste, Business Owner
Pelton Playhouse, Inc.
Staten Island, NY

Ms. Carmella Marrone, Exec. Director
Women and Work / John Jay Law School 
Manhattan, NY

Rev. Rufina Antonetty, Business Owner
Liberty Praise Ministries 
Staten Island, NY

Ms. Jacquelin Titus, Social Services
Battiste, Aronowsky, & Suchow, Inc.  
Staten Island, NY

Ms. Bianca DiMitri, Executive Director
Fearless Females
Staten Island, NY

Rev. LaVerne Owens-Larkins, Overseer
Mount Sinai Church– Stapleton Site
Staten Island, NY

Ms. Leslie Palmer, Editor
SI Advance Newspaper 
Staten Island, NY

Ms. Marianne Frazier, Family Provider
Frazier Home 
Queens, NY

Mrs. Georgia Woodbine, Business Owner
G.W. “Products That Move You”
Borough Wide