Ms. Phyllis Miller
Eenvy Business Owner
Phyllis E. Miller got her entrepreneurial spirit from her parents.  As far back as early childhood, Phyllis pursued her place in the world of fashion.  When she was a child, she would make her own jewelry to sell.  She would take her creations door-to-door to sell and give a brief presentation independently.  Obviously, Phyllis was highly successful and the neighborhood cleaner would bequeath her their leftover beads, rhinestones and threads in exchange for errands she would run for the owner and his wife. 

In High School, Phyllis took every sewing or tailoring class that was offered.  She regularly participated in fashion shows and completed business classes as well.  During her last two years of high school, she worked every other week in the Co-Prep Program at a prestigious law firm on Wall Street.  Since then, she has married & raised a family.

From 1977 until now, Phyllis has been in the work force specializing in the field of Mental Health.  Her entry level job was that of a dietary aide.  Now, she is an unit coordinator, where she is experienced in Psychiatric Rehabilitation and has a degree in Occupational Therapy.  The presence of fashion has always loomed in the background of her life, and she took her gift to the next level, becoming the founder of Eenvy, L.L.C., specializing in fashion for the voluptuous woman.  Her fashions are available online at, and she often hosts fashion showcases at Gala Events.