Some History
Women Taking Charge 2 was conceived out of a need to provide educational services, which included finance, wellness, and training to mostly women who are directly affected by domestic violence.

Women Taking Charge 2 has evolved into an entrepreneurial program for men, women and older youth who seek self and community improvement.  The programs are run by men and women who are business owners, retirees, teachers and other influential leaders.

Regularly, we host workshops geared toward providing existing and potential business owners the training and spiritual encouragement  needed in order to thrive as an entrepreneur.  

Today we have a New Project, HEW School of Ministry, which is a joint project with The Power House Nation Church which provides the oversight of the Christian Education taught at HEW School of Ministry; and WTC2 provides the Business Leadership and Entrepreneurship part.  Hew is the acronym for Hadassah Esther Woman.  Hadassah is the God given name of Queen Esther in the Bible.  Queen Esther is famous for saving the Jewish people from being massacre by a man named Haman.  Even until this day there is a Jewish Festival called The Feast of Purim.  Queen Esther will never  be forgotten for her bravery and self-less-ness.  May every woman that comes into our Ministry School, become the Hadassah, The New Esther Woman, who is called to change lives.  Please click here to read about HEW School of Ministry.