The Power House Nations Church & it's Community based Project
 Community, Growth, and Opportunity, Inc. 
primary services offer linkages 
to Housing, Health Referral, Financial Management, Education, Employment/Business Training, Entitlement and other social services. These services were initially designed for people affected by Domestic Violence.  However, today C.G.O.'s high quality services are offered to a broad range of individuals who look to experience our Mission which is set to lead people to prosperity and peace.

Our mission brings together 
men, women and youth and
provides a forum where they  
Refocus, become Refreshed and Renewed.  
We offer services
to every denomination, race and socioeconomic level.  
Our goal is to work with leaders
and aspiring leaders 
who are focused on improving personal  and 
community development goals.
Our mission is accomplished by utilizing the 
Reciprocal Approach in Mentoring, Education, and Training.