Darlene H. Burroughs

Darlene H. Burroughs serves as director of Education for the National Urban League's Education & Youth Development Division.  Her responsibilities include directing and leading the Education Division's portfolio K-16 models; securing funding for and directing projects in early childhood education, adolescent literacy and youth development and high school to college transition programs.  Ms. Burroughs is responsible for reviewing policies, conducting research, developing programs, creating training curriculums and identifying best practices specifically as they relate to African-American youth in inner cities throughout the country.  She provides technical assistance, information and resources to over 100 Urban League affiliates.

Ms. Burroughs has completed the development of a comprehensive Urban League branded, college access curriculum that is currently operating in more than 16 Urban League affiliates.  During her tenure at the National Urban League, she led and supported a number of successful projects including the implementation of the Campaign for African American Achievement, Project Ready, and our Youth Development Program.  Prior to joining the national staff in 1999, she served as Director of Community Development for the New York Urban League (NYUL), Staten Island Branch.  She is a graduate of the City University of New York.
Crystal Awards Recipient