The LaNorm Project:
An Overview

For years, men and women have struggled to maintain stable housing and employment.  In 2007, we began to reconsider our approach to the services provided through our various programs.  We have moved forward and are striving to continue providing services that will empower men and women with little possibility to fail if they stay focused on their created goals.  The LaNorm Project is currently one of our key focuses at C.G.O. and provides in-depth services to these individuals in need.

The LaNorm Academy

The Academy is a program with employment bases both in Staten Island and upstate, New York.  Each site is unique and is designed to lead the individual to obtaining permanent housing through the sustainable or additional income he or she earns through the program.  The program also includes nutrition, support groups, home maintenance, financial management and spiritual growth support.
The LaNorm Project

Sales, Donations & Talent

LaNorm Gift & Treasures, LLC 
(980) 218-9647

We are an upscale thrift shop whose primary purpose is to provide funds to sustain C.G.O.'s social service projects.  The name LaNorm came from a baby born too soon; a baby who for eight weeks of his life, was a genuine treasure to his parents and to those who were blessed to have known him during his stay at Staten Island University Hospital.  Although he passed away in 2005, he remains to be a huge inspiration to C.G.O. and its supporters.  Donations of funds, furniture and clothing are continuously being made in his name for years later.  These donations will are sold at low cost and proceeds benefit the program's participants.

LANORM also helps to raise funds for special events and training programs for youth entrepreneurship  and single parents in need of employment assistance and housing.